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Aşkın Akman “Jute”

25 FEBRUARY – 16 MARCH 2020

“I wanted to paint the forest without belonging to any form; I don’t have a story, a visualization; I only have irrational and random motives, sometimes geometric and sometimes organic. All of them revived in a texture on the surface; I felt this and did this, on the bark of a tree, in a deep blue, in the in nite sky, in the middle of the desert and in the touch of a skin… that skin that hosts all of our hopes and su ering…” That was my statement in my rst exhibition; now I’m at the same point: “I wanted to paint the forest…” However, this time: 

In both fragmented and whole canvases, with both appearing and disappearing images, both framed and unframed, both rough and delicate, both a clash and togetherness, both a texture on the surface and a sensation in the depths. The images appeared in a way that it was not ‘either this or that’ but ‘both this and that’. I did not try to merge forms and form a new wholeness and change them; I depicted them in a way that it is ‘both this and that’ and/or ‘neither this nor that’. Aren’t our lives that are questioned and evaluated by means of the codes of the analogue world now also like this? 

Schrödinger’s cat is both dead and alive! The ‘either this or that’ codes of the analogue world started to be replaced by the ‘both this or that’ and/or ‘neither this nor that’ logic of the quantum world. And it looks like that it will not stop until it will start all over again… Well then, do the tools of the analogue world come together with the codes of the digital world? 

All with oil paint wood with metal, coarse jute with carcass, mortise with rivet, mirror with gelatine and are in interaction (the carcass is not only a structural element carrying the surface, but also becomes one of the main elements of the picture) both at in 2 dimension both pictorial in 3 dimension, both old as cave painting both new as unpredictable future, the past with the future come together, they become both untamable and tamable…