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Ayşen Karakaya – Ali Atmaca ‘Dialogs’

5 – 31 MAY 2015


Joseph Campbell talks about Sacred Being of archaicsocieties, Inua in “Primitive Mythology”. Inua is spirit of universe and Inua’s woman liked voice appeases even children’s fears. This Spirit reminds Universe is a secure place to people who bless Inua. Thanks by this reminder those people could promenade peacefully wherever they go and could raise their children safely. 

Communities which we name as “primitive” in quotion, respect to nature which they were one within by attrubiting a symbolical meanings to rock, earth and wind. 

At the end of 1950’s, a group of marauder who were art-society activists against to even avangarde  starts actualise “Situationist International”. At the beginning even right-wing society did not take seriously those strange youngsters.  In fact those “strange” group when started to become prominent at 1957 became a source feeder of 68 ‘s soul by creating mind changing theories on us from social upheavel to enviroment and to the architecture. Also as remunerating the meaning of International. This fed 68’s soul re-legated latitudinarianism and legated one of the best slogans of World.

“Under the paving Stones, the beach!” 

Then they sent wind of beach to the World and future. They reproduced knowledge and idea. Step out that they started a new dialog with people.

Ali Atmaca speaks with olive trees for years. He tells things are finished within him. Meanwhile he risks even making trees angry with him. Because he knows that trees are silent wises of mother earth. He transforms their language into language of art. 

He is fed by the culture which he is coming from. There are heroic Çukurova’s bandits and also trace of art feeding cities from İstanbul to Paris, and then from Paris to Rome in his paintings. As he materialises red, black, green and blue he hides himself behind his own paintings. He peels again shells of hiden and forced meaning changed sybomlical moral every time. Because there is always another thing. There is another life, another thinking way and also another thing…  

Then when Ayşen Karakaya who settled with trees on her canvas, left trees by themselves for a while, suddenly he came with his backpack. He transforms his graffiti inspired paintings which are carried away by firstly walls then writing, into a black board .  Then anarchist rabbits showed up behind walls. They keep journal of artist with a swine irony.  They record his relationship with the day, the politics, and life. Alll of them play the role of different duplication of one hero and reflects piece of a wide range story. 

Ali Atmaca and Ayşen Karakaya carried their Atmaca’s novel based friendship to their workshop. They started a gracious transferred dialog between representitives of a generation and artists.  They reunite their contarian styles on canvas and spread their words on a large area with their paints.  

Master-apprentice relationship, artist to artists transferred knowledge increasing itself and re-arrenging perspective. Coming together of different identities, different minds and souls amplify the dialog. 

Critics sometimes strugless with endless intellectual work for describing the opus. Then some strange people show up and look for the beach. They tell the appricot tree, plumb tree and juniper tree. They personalise the rabbits. Some of them says “Im telling you Olive tree” in quotion. “Did you understand?”

Did we understand?

There is no need for describing work of art sometimes. Sometimes remembering İnua, soul of universe, soul of 68’s and soul of Gezi is enough. 

Author of “Society of the Spectacle” Guy Debord, wrote a slogan on the Street. 

“Live without giving a break”

Because artworks and trees live without giving a break. 

Nilgün Yüksel

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