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Demir Kardaş ‘Unique Prints’

10 – 31 JANUARY 2012

From Colouring to Work of Art 

Demir Kardaş refers to his works as “Colouring”. He is an artist who avoids talking extensively about and defining his works and his process of creating art, without being lost in details. This may be the reason why he simply terms them as “colourings”. By collecting all the creative power he dedicates to lithograph in an “act”, he finalizes all efforts of defining. 

Whereas, when his art, in his own words, “his colourings” meet the viewing eye, it implies an aesthetical/visual construct far beyond colouring. In the area of art where colours, lines and planes come together, you feel the presence of an infinite universe that moves in its own rhythm based on its own specific principles. Like in all visual constructs, when the viewing eye, in other words, “the observing subject” (Fontanille 1989) meets the work of art, many processes, perceptions, sensations open up the door of the world of meanings beyond the visible. The meaning is located there, expecting the viewer with all its potentiality and possibilities.  

In the visual construct Demir Kardaş reaches by “colouring”, you feel the specific presence of the construct. The essential elements of this construct are the basic units such as colour, line and plane, like in all paintings and the form in which they come together. When we consider all his productions, Demir Kardaş’ paintings provide an original process in bringing together such visual elements. As every artist, as he produces his works in the cognitive and passionate area where his own perception and creativity takes him, we observe clearly that Kardaş constructs a visual language of his own: even though he does not like making statements and enunciation about his works, he invites “the observing subject” into a specific world through his strong visual construct. His works seize the viewer with this construction. “Colouring” acquires a meaning as a concept-word for Kardaş’ workmanship, craftsmanship, “bricoleurship” while “work” reflects the level which this effort attains in discovering his visual universe.

Prof. Dr. Nedret Tanyolaç Öztokat

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