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Doğu Çankaya ‘Dogu’

17 APRIL – 12 MAY 2012

Doğu Çankaya displays his paintings, which he created mainly on wood using mixed media in Teşvikiye Gallery/Miz from April 17 to May 12, 2012. All these works of his, which date in 2012, are the result of the artist’s project of creating an environment, since he sees the gallery space as an “environment”. This “environment” is comprised of forty-three works that are linked to each other.

“Dogu”, the title of of the exhibition, sheds light on both Doğu Çankaya’s art and at the same time the concept which is at the heart of his world view. When the artist, who regards the world as a unity of unbroken relations, embarks upon a research starting from his own name, he finds out that it means “healer” in the Japanese culture; hence his view of unbrokenness proves to be appropriate: Doğu Çankaya is a healer! Yes, Doğu Çankaya who had medical education, is a hyperbaric doctor; he is a person who heals… 

When the entirety of Çankaya’s works are considered, how the artist’s manner of protecting nature and the concept of Dogu came together gains significance: the main material of his sculptures and installations, which constitute an important place in the career of the artist, is wooden stir sticks which are used instead of spoons; and like the spatula, which is an instrument used during medical examination of a patient, before turning into consumer products they protect the nature owing to their presence but their irresponsible consumption results in reverse effect.

As you may perceive, wood has a symbolic intensity in the art of Doğu Çankaya. In his exhibition “Dogu”, the artist continues to heal the nature by choosing wood as his main material.

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