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Doğukan Çiğdem

Doğukan Çiğdem, born in 1988, is a visual and experimental new media artist based in
Istanbul, Turkey.
He worked in several prestigious humor magazines with his unique drawings. He also has
written numerous stories and tales. He worked with Sculptor Mehmet Aksoy on pattern,
design and sculpture in 2015. He has been working in his personal studio in Cihangir,
Istanbul since 2016 and in collaboration with several arts institutions. He defines his
artistic character as “chaotic and pictorial representation of stories of people who do not
live where they are born anymore and of whom are not asked any own decisions”
“Every each person has a bit of excitement to hold onto his/her life. Even a little bit
spark… But, the most solid evidence of our living paths are forms. I aim to reflect the new
world that has founded all over again by our children, untainted customs and conscience
created by cultural spirit in the pictorial, visual and mechanical ways. Are the flat forms of
modern days, happiness motivation of the future? Or, fake brightness of a degenerated
world? We, for sure, think about future as from today.” – Doğukan Çiğdem


2022 MÜLKİYET FİKRİ – PROPERTY IDEA (solo) – Little Art Cihangir – İstanbul
2022 Kommagene Biennal – End Of The Road – Küratör : Nihat Özdal – Adıyaman
2022 NATURA (solo) Küratör: M. Wenda Koyuncu Mardin
2022 10 Years Küratör: Haydar Akdağ – Galeri Bu – İstanbul
2021 Humano Küratör: Ayşe jaber, loft ART- İstanbul
2021 Synonyms I Küratör: Mehmet Sinan Kuran, Uniq gallery – İstanbul
2021 Synonyms Küratör: Mehmet Sinan Kuran, The Marmara – Bodrum
2020 “Taş, Hayvan, İnsan” – ”Stone – Animal – Human” (solo) Summart – İstanbul
2019 “Protect Me From What I Want! KARŞI SANAT /TÜYAP
2018 Çok Uzun Sürmüş Gece Vol ll (solo) Küratör: M. Wenda Koyuncu, Kova Art Space – Ankara
2018 Çok Uzun Sürmüş Gece Vol l (solo) Küratör: M. Wenda Koyuncu, Galeri Bu – İstanbul
2018 Turkcell Sanatta İletişim Sergisi – Atina, Selanik, İzmir, İstanbul
2018 Tasarım Tomtom Sokakta – İstanbul
2018 Bölünmüş Temsil, Küratör: Ezgi Yıldız & M. Wenda Koyuncu, UNIQ Gallery
2018 Âdem – Adam (solo) Küratör: Gencer Uçar, Galeri Bu – İstanbul
2017 Genç Sanatçılar ve Down Sendromlu Gençler El Ele, Art50net ile, Hilton Bomonti
2017 Eşzamanlılık | Synchronicity, Küratör: İpek Yeğinsü, Mebusan 25 – İstanbul
2017 Artist İstanbul Sanat Fuarı, Galeri Bu ile – İstanbul
2017 Pascal’ın Oyunu, Galeri Eksen – İstanbul
2017 Mutfak, Beyoğlu Kayla – İstanbul
2017 Gerçek Ne?- What is real? – Erva Art Gallery – İstanbul
2016 Evrenin Çocuksu Yüzü, ( solo ), Kaş Sanat – İstanbul