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Emre Zeytinoğlu ‘Enlightenment’



Emre Zeytinoğlu defines the word “enlightenment” as the name of the period between the Industrial Revolution and the French Revolution where the “rationality” philosophy has risen and explains the basis of this philosophy as one establishes a bond between the mind and the experiences obtained during the process of heading towards to universal information. 

The historical pieces that started to be collected during 17thcentury and after had to be decorated with information for reaching to their real material value and being sold to aristocrat and rich bourgeois collectors. That’s why enormous details related to all big and small pieces were created, books were written related to them, notes were taken, maps and pictures were drawn and photographs were used as much as possible. The most important of the movements supporting the 18thcentury Enlightenment came to the fore as collecting information and “creating a value” for objects, which their importance is not known.

With this exhibition, Zeytinoğlu imitates the way British Museum exhibits objects and once again opens the process on “creating a value” for interpretation before the spectators. 

“Piece of Bowl from the House of Alexander the Great”, “A Sewer System Part from the House of Alexander the Great”, “Ion Sky in Priene”, “Stone from Issus Plain”, “A Piece of Wire from the Dormitory Window of Sabahattin Ali”… This exhibition tries attributing a value to some pieces like these, which are considered as insignificant, and the drawings made by the artist on a piece of paper with lead pencil and pen, the photographs shot by him and the reproductions used by him are becoming a museum material. 

Bringing interpretations on how a big world of information was built by following a method within the scope of museology, “Aydınlanma/Enlightenment” exhibition is awaiting for art lover visitors at Teşvikiye Galeri/MİZ from January 15 to February 08, 2013.

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