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Ezgi Cömert ‘Emotions Resisting Time’

6 – 26 JANUARY 2015

The steps taken towards climbing the stairs of art seem long and arduous. Therefore the most important thing for a young artist  is to keep his faith in the future alive and to bear in mind that his versatile experience would be acquired over a long period of time through intensive work.

This versatility consists of the tools that the artist is using as well as his strength of interpretation. His tools help him to push the doors of creativity’s consciousness and the quality of form always require to keep the individual and psychological layers on his agenda.  All of these factors  make an art work original.

Of course  there always exist other options for each artist candidates. Ezgi Comert (1991) is such a candidate who after a short break  is preparing to open her second exhibition

Her first exhibition had traces of uncertainty which was natural for all artist candidates.

But in her work today we can sense an effort that tries to overcome the vision of amateurism. Conservationist and environmentalist approach can be sensed in her predominantly use of fish, bird and rabbit figurines. Both these figures, as well as the details that fuses them with the background through fine scan lines convey an original dimension. But these efforts to be visually convincing is directly related to a good drawing? (desen)  knowledge. Ezgi’s awareness of this is already reflected in these paintings. As she does not have an academic background, Ezgi seems to attain this foundation through self-education.

Ezgi has a long artistic life  ahead of her.  I wish her insistent and decisive steps in  her creative journey.

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