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Ferahnaz Pala Apdiç ‘Once Open A Time…’

16 – 29 APRIL 2014


Once upon a time, time, timeless…

This one word features various associations that can be written in thousands of pages in various disciplines. Moreover, its meaning increases several times more with an affix.

With its first association, “Once upon a time …” tells us two different points: Past and present. From a different standpoint, present exists with any of endless possibilities in the past to become concrete. Although moment is perceived as blank, it is full of concretized version of entire life experience.

Tracing time in the art of painting is pretty harder than other arts already featuring temporality such as music and cinema. The time in a fixed image stays somewhere between the time of the spectator and the time of the creator.

Ferahnaz Pala Apdiç invites us to rethink on the fact with the concept of “once upon a time” she attributes to her works and uses various information sources for this. She pursues the traces of a distant past. She brings the association of dinosaur fossils, the traces of them in the world to her canvas. The traces increasingly turn into pattern effects, sincerely owned by the art of painting. The pattern of plastic language indicates a different source for the characteristic of the artist. Some time later, the work leaves its resource behind and reborn from itself. The reference provided by Apdiç, this time, turns into an arrow re-pointing once again as a meaning that shows itself.

After that point, the specific language of the painting starts talking. The patterns turn into concrete, figurative forms. The basis of the work forms with an understanding of line collage.  After showing the elements on plastic, the work returns back to its creator, its primary resource. Eyes watch the paintings, mind increases the comments with associations and also witnesses to the quests of the artist, as well as her intimacy as in all works.

“Once upon a time” concept recalls itself right at this point. Made once upon a time, available now and re-concretized with the traces of the past…

Nilgün Yüksel

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