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“Critical Reading and Writing Forms” with Gökşen Buğra

Gökşen Buğra, one of the writers of Lebriz, will hold a workshop on “Critical Reading and Writing Forms” in GALLERY / MIZ between 17:30 and 19:00 on Monday, December 26, 2011.

In this workshop, which aims to see the subtleties of critical writing and give a new angle to reading and writing skills by examining the text under the headings of “Rhetoric”, “Theory” and “Practice Bu, the texts chosen by Buğra will be read together with the participants and questions will be asked to the texts; in fact, the exclusion and falsification of the style taken as the language of art will be discussed. On the other hand, good examples that can tell what you say in plain, simple terms and do not distance the reader will be read.

Gökşen Buğra received her BA in Comparative Literature from Osmangazi University and her MA in Turkish Literature from Bilkent University. She continues to publish her art and literary critiques and works in the fields of cultural management and media.