You are currently viewing Gül Ilgaz – Melih Özuysal ‘Swap’

Gül Ilgaz – Melih Özuysal ‘Swap’


In the exhibition entitled “Swap” the photography based artist Gül Ilgaz and the painter Melih Özuysal present their cognitive and visual interchanges to the viewers. 

Year long acquaintances familiar with each other’s working techniques, these two artists maintain their own approaches while producing a new syntheses of visual images evoked from personal interpretations of each others work. They then allow the resulting pieces to mingle on the walls of the exhibition space. 

Taking inspiration from the continual changing significant emotional situations in her life, Gül Ilgaz transforms her personal experiences into a visual language. In contrast, Melih Özuysal reflects on an imaginary world independent of time that results in fantasticnarrative paintings.

Using the different techniques of painting and photography, these artists share spiritual and artistic experiences to create a new type of production as they find ways to swap on mental and imaginative levels how to buy wedge set golf.  Their hope is that as spectators experience this interchange they will be taken on their own individual journeys. 

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