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Group Exhibition

9 MAY – 23 JUNE 2017

Artist is a soul, born with the impetus of creation. S/he has a memory that writes down his/her senses, feelings, pains and voices, lights and darkness. S/he blends all life experiences as ideas and thoughts. S/he has the ability and the diligence of understanding what s/he has done for what purposes. This is a kind of self-justification, questioning and confrontation. All these endeavors are done to comprehend the secrets of the universe. We call this “inner-sight”.

Anything produced by these artists, who are qualified as above and name art, is art.

The fact that an artwork has a refined aesthetic, its unique form and the sincerity it possesses are the results of the ability of inner-sight of an artist. Thus, all the artworks they produce UNIQUE, MATCHLESS, PRECIOUS and SOLE.


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