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Maryam Salahi ‘Harem in Haram’



Life is about what we are thinking from morning to evening” said Emerson. 

Maryam Salahi also thinking of oil painting from morning to evening.

Because it’s her life.

It wasn’t a long time since I met Maryam. 

When I went to see a solo exhibition called  “ID’s Please” at a gallery in Nişantaşı, I was showing her paintings during time of 2016 and 2017. The portraits of women hanged on the walls seemed to have like come out of other worlds. I was faced with a painter born in 1982 Tebriz. We met and became good friends. Then I went to her atelier a few times and gladly agreed to write something for his new exhibition.

Salahi’s paintings are wanders in the liberating sphere of the abstract. Some of the figures are self-evident, while others are hiding behind them. She decides to do it at that moment in the picture. She uses supporting materials such as fabric, tulle, paper, not just paint in her paintings. Gender, women, religion and belonging concepts are the prominent images of her paintings. We see these in “Haram in Harem.”

The Harem in Salahi’s mind has nothing to do with the ancient harem. She paints her own showdown. It depicts a non-individual world. She depicts her place in society and her view of life. She inspired by other women, men and life, how to find the best seo agency phoenix.

Describes her paintings as pluralistic and abstract, Maryam Salahi. She has no intention of putting his pictures in any image stream or discipline. Her oil paintings only belong to her as herself take a look. Pluralist, feminine and always telling something.

The eye is listening” said Claudel. Maryam’s hand is calling.

Please take a listen.  


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