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Mehmet Gazioğlu ‘Transform’



The artist explores industrial materials towards transforming designs into conceptual art. He calls these works “ metal sculptures “ which characterize themselves. He aims to navigate a productive tension between the industrially formed and merely found.

The newly minted behavioral surface of the metal depends on our ability to relate properties to macro and micro structures. The micro structure is the geometric arrangement of the grains and the different phases present in a material. The new metal model visualizes the characteristic of the rapid change in crystallographic directions, look maid this. Each grain will have a different crystallographic orientation relative to its neighboring grains. Grain sizes can be seen only by using a microscope.

He realized that by making his own collages , he can express different visions in a simple way that can be in anonymous shapes. They look like strange figures forced in the frame of a creative process. He uses an allegorical form of the dimensional mediums, and reflective unacknowledged ideological ideas and images. His collages combine contemporary visual perception toward fantasy, look His works performed with bends, cuts , twists ,draws,torques, kinks , punches combines controlled oxygen to form the depth of the metal sculpture. He uses modern pop culture bold colours , graphic lines and combines metal textures with precise importance to each element with a harmony of his complex construction.

He invites viewers to absorb and process the way of reality to find freedom beyond where our senses come out with the change of life.

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