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Mert Özgen

Mert Özgen ‘Broken’

1 – 29 OCTOBER 2019

Its dictionary meaning; malfunction and deterioration.
What it actually means is insecurity.
In slang it is disruption and destruction.
Its real meaning is “Reality”.
Its real meaning is “Reality” because everything is partially broken.
Because, in fact everyone is partially insecure.
Because, in fact everyone is partially destructive.
Now take what’s broken, insecure, and destructive, then get in front of a mirror.
And carefully combine each with a beauty within yourself.
You will see the truth.
If you dare.
Beautiful will become more beautiful and real will become more real, visit maid whiz.
Your wound will heal as it gets deeper.
When one looks into someone else’s eye, they actually look into themselves.
And every time they look into themselves, they catch some else’s eye.

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