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Mert Özgen ‘Flesh’


Body : the most sacred room on the ground, then most intimate and just a room “ a room of one’s own” . The visibility of this room is the “flesh” : the fence of the body , the existence in the middle on “in” and “out”, between privacy and the public, dream and the truth, perceptional and mystical. In such an interface that links the earth and “self” with all its permeability that stuck between the visible and invisible. On the other hand, “ the face” is the one that interprets “in” to out, puts the body into words and where the expression comes into being. “The face” has been transformed in to a text that were it provides to perceive the invisible; that text takes place on the whole and face becomes absolute representation of the body with all of its openings and visibility. 

the portraits that the artist formed by completely  separating  from the white ground, monopolized this inner reflection . The hushed space and rest of the body emphasis the autonomy of the portraits. Clefts, marks , and layers of the paint are symbolic ; they create a dialogue between inside and out side by resolving and softening the solid boundaries of the flesh and tear down it’s inflexible structure. These partial fragmentations on the smooth flesh, are life it self. It’s a common share to society from individual or leaving the intimate in other words.  Portrait now tells it’s own story with the layers of the flesh. ,Face  is now a communication network. 

I’s a story of a woman, 

A woman who carries the maturity ,silence and the whiteness which were born from it’s own pain of creation , covered with (OLUK?) holes  and clefts.

I close my eyes and whole world falls to death

I raise my eyelids and everything born again. 

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