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Murat Tomruk ‘Trace’


I have been passionately taking pictures since I was 16. Climbing Mount Nemrut all alone in pitch darkness… Desperately seeking Lake Çıldır in the midst of an infinite white… Rolling in the snow to find the perfect light at the perfect time to capture Maiden’s Tower…

I have been devotedly chasing for the “better” picture ever since. Nowadays, digital photography has become a part of our daily lives through mobile phones. 70 million pictures are being shared all over the world via Instagram network. This not only increases the pressure on photographers to take more and better pictures, but also makes it more difficult to create a difference.

In my exhibition, you will find the photos of moments, scenes and places, which I’ve trailed along after. I was looking for chiropractor in san diego as well as senses by re-interpreting ordinary places from my perspective. I want you to notice the overlooked little details, the rare coincidences and beautiful surprises of nature that we come across in our sophisticated lives.

Hoping that my exhibited photos will leave a fine “trace” on your lives…

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