You are currently viewing Nezihe Bilen Ateş ‘Veil of Breath’

Nezihe Bilen Ateş ‘Veil of Breath’

7 – 28 FEBRUARY 2017

Nezihe Bilen Ateş always interprets a misty body. These are the uncertainties poured into the fog and body. Just like a vapor that gets out of hand just when the eye catches it… A curving body, a meat that turns into an eye, forelock falling down to the face, and a mist coming up suddenly upon us… Nezihe spreads this uncertain layer. An uncertainty spreading like a tile blinking at Zen sensitivity. A cloudy taste going away like a breath blown to glass. The artist forms bodies… Soul of a woman trying to stand up… And again tired bodies rising against patriarch and a mist that floats into our eyes… A tulle made of breath blinking at poetry. Elongating faces… The artist paints looks that shorten suddenly. 

The looks that spread and temper to hope remain behind… In the erased retina. What remains from those faces, from the looks, from the curving skin?

A trace…


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