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Nurdan İskender ‘Travels From Outside Of The Line To The Inside’


Nurdan Iskender’s soloexhibition “Travels From Outside Of The Line To The Inside” composed of her drawings since 2008 and recent works will be exhibited at Galeri/Miz starting from October 15th

Galeri/Miz rolls out the season with another young artist: Nurdan Iskenderis meeting with the spectators at Teşvikiye Galeri/Miz from 15th October to 5thNovermber

Mostly known with her collage works, the artist has created a series of compositions with the drawings she has been producing since her solo exhibition “Pink Dialogues” opened in London 2008, which also set the core of this exhibition. For Nurdan Iskender, drawing is “(if it is) to show the right path to the talent and passion, then it is possible both to go out of the line and get lost in it… “

The artist kind of draws a pictorial analysis of the persons and incidents in her life. In her works each item has a different story and hosts faces either laughing with a childishly ironical smile or crying and bears hidden stories at a lower pitch. 

In frames reflecting her constantly mobile life, it is possible to see not only the intercity-international travels but also her inner journeys and ups and downs. For Iskender, these ups and downs “are of an eternal existence that transcends what is symbolic like a different kind of perception, a moment of meditational high or a lover’s.” The artist states that she aims to establish a link between the visual and spiritual worlds by making use of the plastic language of the words and colors. 

Nurdan Iskender’s drawings since 2008 and recent works will start to be exhibited on October 15th, 2012, at 18:00 pm.

Travels from Outside Of the Line to The Inside exhibition can be seen at Teşvikiye Galeri/Miz until November 5th, 2012. 

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