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‘I Guess You Are Busy’

17 – 30 JUNE 2015

I Guess You Are Busy..!, Young Curators, Esra Özkan, Gencer Uçar, and Merve Balcıoğlu that brings four young contemporary artists and their interdisciplinary works together, will take place at Galeri/Miz between 17-30 June 2015. 

The exhibition questions how the information flow in social perception gets out of control, the diffusion of crystallized totalitarian structures into our lives in every aspect, mass media, and ‘busyness’ through the direct problematic effects of all these on the individual. 

Ahmet Duru, one of those four young contemporary artists, criticizes the consumption society through a performance. Esra İlbeyli adresses being a misfit and alienation in the society with her light boxes, while Öykü Ersoy narrates the city that cannot fall in step with the individual’s change, the characters that connects with the life, and the situations they face. Yağızhan Çalışkan participates the exhibition with his video installation that focuses on alienation of the individual as an outcome of busyness. 

I Guess You Are Busy..! can be visited at Galeri/Miz between 17-30 June 2015.