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Şevval Konyalı

Sevval Konyali (b.1997, Istanbul) is a young artist living and working in Istanbul, Turkey. In 2021, she graduated from the Media and Visual Arts Department of Koc University with the highest honors. 

Utilizing a wide range of media, she produces works such as installations, photographs, videos, illustrations, as well as on paper and collages. Personal and historical narratives play a major role in her work, and she generally puts emphasis on topics such as the environment-memory relationship and the originality and authenticity of the work of art. Ephemera, discovered objects, scribbles, and written expressions are among the tools she frequently uses. 

With her installation Re, she was selected a winner of the 39th Akbank Contemporary Artists Competition, and her work was chosen by the jury to be included in the September 2021 exhibition. For the last 4 years, she has been working on a large-scale installation that she has been preparing by archiving the favorite objects which children with autism are obsessed with. The installation is continued and enriched with support of Koc University and Koc University Hospital. 

In 2022, her big-scale installation, made from plastic bottles, starting from a clean world picture that children dream of, was exhibited at the Istanbul Toy Museum and metro stations. She is among the top 5 winners among 1970 applications in the PROSPECT 100 X Swatch Global Monogram Design Competition 2021 organized in cooperation with Swatch.

Her installations and photography series were exhibited in Contemporary Istanbul, Elgiz Museum, Arkas Art Center, Taksim Sanat and selected for the Young Art: 8th Contemporary Art Project Competition, BASE and Baselected exhibitions. 

She was among the participants of the Curating Contemporary Art Seminar Program 2021-2022 organized in cooperation by Akbank Sanat and Open Dialogue Istanbul.