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Tuba Önder Demircioğlu ‘Tuba Tree’

10 – 31 MARCH 2015



The entire life is composed of what the person does. Wars, peaces, emotions, passion, love, revenge and all higher or lower values give shape to the person, while also shapes his life. Indeed the life bases on the morale and material values. The samples of these have been seen in every period. Acting from just this point, my sculptures that are added to my “Dans Edenler – Dancers” collection that is continuing for long years and accommodating the post-modern symbolism, as well recently added to my “Savaşçılar – Warriors” collection have come into existence with new meanings in my personal exhibition to be performed at Galeri/MİZ.

The transformation of my thoughts those rapidly reproduce and continuously wrap themselves up in different forms and expressions from “Dans Edenler – Dancers” to “Savaşçılar – Warriors” is the result of a long ideation process. My symbolic expression biased works, long winded researches and thoughts as well as magnificent possibilities and expression way of the ceramic material combined and taken their current states.

I tried to express my quests oriented to style in my sculptures that symbolize the morale world, embedded in the dancing bodies and carrying the traces of traditional culture, the body motions determining the construct of the sculptures and the clay that I have used in the figures like a fabric as well my opinions on the sufi philosophy in an identical artistic expression. I tried to symbolize the sculptures that are expressing the morale raising, praying, sharing, loving and modesty in a simple, but as to move at any time with the dynamism of a certain moment.

In my Savaşçı – Warrior sculptures that symbolize the materialist and material world, their position, body motions, ties and tattoos tell the load brought by the life on them. They symbolize their intensive emotional states, their feelings, sorrows and the earnings against their losses. All these thoughts in the sculptures come together in Tuba Ağacı – Tuba Tree.

“Tuba Ağacı – Tuba Tree” is portrayed as a tree that shades the heaven entirely and accommodates all fruits, and as huge and glorious as the life of the roots in the air and branches below is not enough to surround it. Tuba Ağacı – Tuba Tree has unique characteristics and unseen wealth. Furthermore, human is also in connection with all his roots, branches, leaves, flowers and fruits like Tuba Ağacı – Tuba Tree, he is not self-contained. Human is in connection with all his organs and feelings, including his body. The roots of this morale tree are in the high (heaven) and these material and morale things are sent to the world, in other words, to us by means of these morale branches. It is believed in that to which branch we hold on in this world will take us to that direction. This belief forms the content of my current exhibition.

Accommodating the “Dans Edenler – Dancers” and “Savaşçılar – Warriors” collections as well as the wall applications of the ceramic and sculpture artist Tuba Önder, “TUBA AĞACI – TUBA TREE” named personal exhibition will be open for the art-lovers at Galeri/MİZ between the dates 10.03.2015 – 31.03.2015.

Completed her Proficiency in Art education in 1998 in Ceramic and Glass Art Major at University of Marmara – Faculty of Fine Arts, Tuba Önder’s works gathered together with the viewers in many combined and personal exhibitions organized within the home country and abroad. The works of the artist are placed in many catalogues and special collections.

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