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Yeşim Özyurtçu ‘Solitary Spaces’

3 – 21 APRIL 2018

Space points to a term other than only geometric shape and spatiality; to perceive a place as space, it needs to make sense to someone who grasps it. In the name of the acquisition of the subject character, temporality and objects are two elements which are parallel to each other. These correspond to a situation inside the home. [1]

Despite the initial perception of her spaces consisting of only geometric forms,  the works of artist Yeşim Özyurtçu represent much more than the lines and the shapes due to the warm tones of the colors she uses in her paintings. 

The place is the only way to free yourself from the captivity of life. It is an alive and productive member of change, separation and form. For this reason, the most profound approach requires leaving it’s dead, stationary, or unsteady conception aside. In essence, the place is organic, vibrant and variable. It is a pulse of life that is constantly dictated.[2]In some of the artist’s works, fragments from the canvas not only complement the missing parts of the interior, it becomes the heartbeat of a living organism…

Presenting the fragile and monotonous character of the space reveals the contrasts with a biologically related confrontation. It is impossible to overemphasize the contradictions of the place. According to their homogenous directions, space separations obfuscate the concepts of out and in. Contradictions can be tolerated as long as they reach the threshold.[3]

Despite their form and fragmented states of the uninhabited appearances of the artist’s works on the exhibition; ‘Uninhabited Spaces’ are actually very crowded areas. The simplicity of the artist’s works increases the awareness of the complexity of our everyday life.

Feride Çelik

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[2]Kurtar S. ”Mekanı Yaşamak: Lefebvre ve Mekanın Diyalektik Oluşumu
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