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Zümrüt Radau ‘Oeuvre’

12 MARCH – 6 APRIL 2013

An elegant and authentic intervention to the personal history… 

Zümrüt Y. Radau’s personal art exhibition “Oeuvre” will be available through March 12 to April 6, 2013 at Galeri/Miz. The exhibition is consisted of the works created by the artist during the last 3 years.

Generally known as an artist creating works by adaptation, Zümrüt Y. Radau this time personalizes her artistic expression by adapting from her own painting this time. Radau selects the adaptations from her own scale with “Oeuvre”, expressing all of her pieces created throughout the life of an artist. Created with concerns independent from the influence of the main theme, the pieces establish a mysterious organic bond when they come together.

A strong interaction between the real and fantasy, the history and today is restructured with the perspective of the artist. The tulips establish new sentences with the language of the own geography in these interlayers of time. Shaped with plenty of paint, which is described as “lunatic” by the artist, the tulips are available on almost all of the paintings exhibited.

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